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Ordering Online - Important Information

Online ordering  Please note all prices exclude GST, delivery and standard packaging fee.

You may buy using a credit card, or request a proforma invoice for you to deposit money to our account, or choose the account option if you have an account with ECP.
If you would like an account please apply email us 

There is a standard packaging and documentation fee of $7.00 per order.

NB No login is neccessary for ordinary purchasing. All products are visible and available for purchasing.

Please click here to begin your purchasing.


Please remember to login  IF you have a negotiated special discount applicable to your account .

If you have not registered and have a discount applicable to your account, please register  so as to ensure the  discount can be applied. Although you enter a purchase, a deduction will only be made from your credit card when the goods are invoiced and have been despatched to you.

For direct payment into our account,  we will email you a proforma invoice which will have ECP's bank account number  on it. Goods will be delivered once payment is confirmed.  For personal assisstance, if a chemical does not appear to be available, please email us or call on 09 480 4392 (New Zealand customers only)



1.The minimum North Island freight charge is $15.60 and includes packaging documentation and warehouse picking fees ($7.00).

2. We reserve the right to adjust any freight charges due to the multiple hazard types ECP supply & according to any required multiple type deliveries or if a more specialised courier is required. 

Or if the address is a Rural delivery.Or due to the size of the order. Should there be an extra charge required, you will be contacted with an email allowing you to confirm if you wish to go ahead  or wish to cancel.

3. No charge is actually made  to your credit card unless/until we actually despatch goods. Should backordering be required due to an unforseen out of stock. The back order will also have freight charged, but you will be given the option of waiting to consolidate or cancelling the back order.

4. No pick-ups allowed due to thirdparty warehousing at multiple locations  and the disruption to the workflow at thirdparty  service suppliers. No goods are stored or despatched from the head office.






Credit Card Charges

From 25/5/2016  a 3.5% credit card charge will be added to credit card
purchases. ie cost of goods + freight + gst x 0.035  Example:

$ 60.00 -  Items cost
$ 15.60 -  freight
$ 9.84   -  GST
$ 75.44 = Total

Credit card charge    3.5% = $2.64

                       Final total = $78.08