JT Baker & Macron COA and SDS
For COAs - batch number on label , use 4 digit product code and packaging code eg H451-10
For SDS - use 4 digit product code only eg H451
JT Baker and Macron Catalogue
eg Acetone Ultimar coded in website as   aa-H451-10-4L
JT Baker & Macron have a 4 digit product ID code
aa - is aproduct alphabet sort code aa  ( Acetone is in the aa section)
H451 = product code
10 = packaging size and type , in this case a 4L glass narrow neck bottle
4L = size
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Depending on your settings , you may fully open the pdf (you can save it to your compter files)
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If the search function doesn't open scroll down through the list.
JT baker codes are from page 107 to page 424
Macron is from page 426.
CAS numbers index page is 573