1. School Reception Safety.

2. Handlers certificate - get qualified to handle dangerous goods.

Some products will only be sold to you if you have a handlers certificate.

Please do not be offended if we ask for your certificate - it is an opportunity to upskill yourself  and keep your workplace safe. 

A Handlers Certificate is obtained at a training course and will provide you with invaluable saftey information to try

 and ensure you and other employees are safe.

All information is at the Worksafe New Zealand website 

 including where to find a local certifier in your area


3 Police security check - some items may require a police clearance if the goods represent a danger to yourself or wider society. 

You may be required to fill out an End User Declaration for the usage of some goods. You will need positive police approval for these items before purchase and will have to provide identification details to the police to obtain clearance.


4. Solvent Safety Carrier - a must for every laboratory