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Biuret is a chemical compound ( it is NOT the Biuret reagent) with the chemical formula [H2NC(O)]2NH. It is a white solid that is soluble in hot water. 

The biuret test is a chemical   test for proteins and polypeptides.

For the biuret reagent see instructions to make below .

The test is based on the biuret reagent, a blue solution that turns violet upon contact with proteins, or any substance with peptide bonds.

The test and reagent do not actually contain biuret;

they are so named because both biuret and proteins have the same response to the test.

Biuret reagent.To make -
1.Dissolve 1.5 g cop_per (11) sulf__ate, 6 g pota_ssium sod__ium tartr__ate in 500 ml dist.wa ter.
2.Add 375 ml of a 2M so__dium hydr__oxide while stirring
3.Make up to 1L
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