Certificate of Analysis search guide


Scroll to ECP,  go down to batch number click the link

2.Germaine labs (inc. AIM tabs)

Scroll to Germaine,  go down to batch number click the link



           3.Supplier website search             Avantor Brands – JT baker/Macron/VWR/AnalaR/Rankem

Avantor -JT Baker & Macron


Search Avantor website

EXAMPLE: product type 4980 (petroleum ether) size/type -08 (4L glass) gives 4980-08

lot/batch number from label  ( enter all zeros);  Select the correct brand, then search

VWR including all brands AnalaR, Normapur, Hipersolv etc

Go to

Enter VWRC plus 5 digit code plus size type eg .296  = VWRC20066.296 – select size [.296] enter, scroll down through specification – select certificates , enter lot number


Other - please enquire at 

ECP List:-

Germaine - AIM Tabs:-  COA AimTab BN 03562.... ; ....COA Aim Tab bn 10971.... .....COA AimTab BN 01896.....  ;