Buy Dichloromethane UltraResiAnalyzed JTB 4L EXPIRED in NZ.

Dichloromethane UltraResiAnalyzed JTB 4L EXPIRED

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Stabilization: Stabilised with a methanol-alkene preservative system
Packaged under inert gas.

Formula: CH2CL2
MW: 84.93 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 39,8 °C (1013 hPa)
Melting Pt: –95 °C
Density: 1.322 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00000881
CAS Number: 75-09-2
EINECS: 200-838-9
UN: 1593
ADR: 6.1,III
Merck Index: 12,06140

 Specification Test Results

For Laboratory,Research,or Manufacturing Use 
FID-Sensitive Impurities (as 2-Octanol) Single Impurity Peak (ng/mL)≤ 5
ECD Sensitive Impurities (as Heptachlor Epoxide) Single Peak (pg/mL)≤ 10
Assay (CH2Cl2) (by GC, exclusive of preservative, corrected for water)≥ 99.8 %
Color (APHA)≤ 10
Residue after Evaporation≤ 1.0 ppm
Titrable Acid (µeq/g)≤ 0.3
Chloride (Cl)≤ 10 ppm
Water (by KF, coulometric)≤ 0.02 %
Contains a methanol-alkene preservative system.

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