Buy Glycerine (glycerol) Pharma 98-101% , 5L VWR Pharma in NZ.

Glycerine (glycerol) Pharma 98-101% , 5L VWR Pharma

  NOn Hazardous

Glycerine 98-101%, 

Glycerine (glycerol) Ph. Eur., USP, BP

Glycerine ≥99.5%, AnalaR® NORMAPUR® ACS analytical reagent, redistilled

Synonyms: Glycerin , Glycerol , 1,2,3-Propanetriol

MW: 92.1 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 290 °C (1013 hPa)
Melting Pt: 18,6 °C
Density: 1.26 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Flash Pt: 177 °C (open cup)
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00004722
CAS Number: 56-81-5
EINECS: 200-289-5
UN: 0000
Merck Index: 13,04497

Specification Test Results

Appearance Conforms (see CoA/CoS)
Heavy metals (as Pb) Max. 5 ppm
Residual solvents Passes test
Residues of metal catalysts or reagents Unlikely by manuf.process
As (Ars enic) Max. 1 ppm
Cd (Cad mium) Max. 1 ppm
Co (Co balt) Max. 1 ppm
Hg (Me rcury) Max. 1 ppm
Ni (Ni ckel) Max. 2 ppm
Pb (Le ad) Max. 2 ppm
V (Vana dium) Max. 1 ppm
Conforms to Ph.Eur./USP/BP Passes test
Ph.Eur./BP specifications:  
Assay (on anhydrous) [Ph.Eur./BP] 98.0 --> 101.0 %
Identification A Passes test Ph.Eur./BP
Identification B Passes test Ph.Eur./BP
Appearance of solution Passes test Ph.Eur./BP
Acidity or alkalinity Passes test Ph.Eur./BP
Refractive index (20°C) [Ph.Eur./BP] 1.470 --> 1.475
Aldehydes [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 10 ppm
Esters Passes test Ph.Eur./BP
Dieth ylene gly col [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 0.1 %
Any oth. impur.(tR<glycerol)[Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 0.1 %
Total impur. (tR>glycerol) [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 0.5 %
Disregard limit [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 0.05 %
Halogenated compounds [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 35 ppm
Sugars Passes test Ph.Eur./BP
Cl (Chl oride) [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 10 ppm
Water [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 2.0 %
Sulpha ted ash [Ph.Eur./BP] Max. 0.01 %
USP specifications:  
Assay (calculated on anhydrous) [USP] 99.0 --> 101.0 %
Identification A Passes test USP
Identification B [USP] Max. 0.10 %
Identification C Passes test USP
Cl (Chlo ride) [Ph.Eur./USP] Max. 10 ppm
SO4 (Sulp hate) [USP] Max. 20 ppm
Residue on ignition [USP] Max. 0.01 %
Individual impurities [USP] Max. 0.1 %
Total impurities [USP] Max. 1.0 %
Limit of chlorinated comp. (as Cl) [USP] Max. 30 ppm
Fatty acids and esters Passes test USP
Colour Passes test USP
Specific gravity (25°C) [USP] Min. 1.249
Water determination [USP] Max. 5.0 %

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