Dear Customer, 


ECP partners with Responsible Care 04 499 4311 and Haztec 09 426 5902 to provide safe services.

Responsible Care provide the safety 0800 243 622 emergency number, keep copies of all our Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and are available to train and certify you as competent to handle chemicals. Haztec certify our warehouse yearly to ensure all compliance with government regulations guiding safety.

As part of our continuing review of safety issues, we will be trying to ensure customers, both casual and business, are certified as competent to handle chemicals they order. Please do not be offended if our staff query your ability to use chemicals, this is to ensure we are complying with the letter of the law in the event of any accident or injury.

We will be highlighting chemicals available from our website which are dangerous to handle and require a Certificate of Competence to be provided before purchase. We also reserve the right to apply the certificate of competence rule as we see fit, so even if the product has not been flagged and we review in the process of selling, we will be placing the onus on customers to prove they can safely handle these chemicals.

A note to previously “section 33 Exempt Laboratories”  ie government research facilities including Universities and schools, The law has changed to require that all companies and institutes are no longer blanket exempted and should take care to ensure their staff are certified to handle dangerous goods. Accidents involving chemicals will attract scrutiny. There will be personal and corporate responsibility. Safety training and certification will help to show you have taken all reasonable steps to avoid injury. It can also be a real benefit to do safety training. Remember the onus is on you.

Please search the internet for Safety Training facilities/companies near you.

Some suggestions from us are:

Responsible Care 04 499 4311

Haztec 09 426 5902

Or google  handlers certificate nz